Getting Started


Python 3.8 is strongly recommended. DABEST has also been tested with Python 3.6 and 3.7.

In addition, the following packages are also required (listed with their minimal versions):

To obtain these package dependencies easily, it is highly recommended to download the Anaconda distribution of Python.


  1. Using pip

At the command line, run

$ pip install dabest
  1. Using Github

Clone the DABEST-python repo locally (see instructions here).

Then, navigate to the cloned repo in the command line and run

$ pip install .


To test DABEST, you will need to install pytest.

Run pytest in the root directory of the source distribution. This runs the test suite in dabest/tests folder. The test suite will ensure that the bootstrapping functions and the plotting functions perform as expected.


Please report any bugs on the Github issue tracker for DABEST-python.


All contributions are welcome. Please fork the Github repo and open a pull request.