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Produces a Gardner-Altman estimation plot or a Cumming estimation plot depending on whether float_contrast is TRUE. The plot presents all datapoints as a swarmplot, which orders each point to display the underlying distribution. It also presents the effect size as a bootstrap 95% confidence interval (95% CI) on a separate but aligned axes.


dabest_plot(dabest_effectsize_obj, float_contrast = TRUE, ...)



A dabest_effectsize_obj created by loading in a dabest_obj along with other specified parameters with the effect_size() function.


Default TRUE. If TRUE, a Gardner-Altman plot will be produced. If FALSE, a Cumming estimation plot will be produced.


Adjustment parameters to control and adjust the appearance of the plot. (list of all possible adjustment parameters can be found under plot_kwargs)


# Loading of the dataset
#> Warning: data set ‘twogroup_data’ not found

# Preparing the data to be plotted
dabest_obj <- load(non_proportional_data,
  x = Group, y = Measurement,
  idx = c("Control 1", "Test 1")
dabest_obj.mean_diff <- mean_diff(dabest_obj)

# Plotting an estimation plot
dabest_plot(dabest_obj.mean_diff, TRUE)